In 1774, when Charlotte and Werther decided to flee by night, they promised to meet under a tree one night. In the darkness, Werther followed his path lighted by Charlotte’s lighting, getting closer to his love.


We are committed to deliver the memorable passion for love through our lighting.

our value

Our lighting fixtures are produced with the Korean traditional, hand-made papers (Hanji) and fabrics. You will experience the authentic, oriental style of ambience.

Paper hanji

This Korean traditional, hand-made papers are made from paper-mulberry trees, and proved to last more than 1,000 years for its toughness and restorable character even after wet. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_paper)


  • Bespoke fixtures in your design, your size and your color. 
  • Eco-friencdly fixtures using the paper materials of Hanji
  • Through detail in tooling and fabrication from product concept to final fixtures, we produce the modern design and technology in lighting.
  • Energy efficient LED bulb.


All electrical products (LED bulbs, sockets, wires) are certified and listed to UL/CSA/ETL Standards for use in Canada and U.S.

We are a local canadian company.